Senior Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

First Baptist Montgomery members are encouraged to join a Bible Fellowship class. This is one of the best ways to meet people, grow spiritually, and get involved in the life of the church. In the Bible Fellowship classes, which are scheduled each Sunday at 9:45 AM, emphasis is placed on growing warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader through ministry and larger through evangelism. A variety of classes are available for adults, students, and children, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Adult 01

Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Dyess/Ferguson
Location: B301
Description: This is a class of older women in the church – the senior saints. The class averages about nine each Sunday. Even though we are small in number, we are large at heart and enjoy studying God’s word each Sunday. This class is one in which discussion is welcomed and whose members have much to offer. We meet in a classroom that is on the main floor of the sanctuary. Some ladies are in assisted living facilities while the majority are still in their own homes. The class is very good at keeping in touch with its members on a weekly basis and has a strong bond. You will be welcomed and warmed by joining this class.
Department/Class: Men
Leadership: Frankum/Randall
Location: A405

Adult 02  |  Boyd Christenberry, Director

Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Irene Morrow
Location: B416
Description: The Joy Class includes senior ladies who love to share their Joy in the Lord with others. Through a combination of lecture and discussion, our class studies each week from the “Explore the Bible” series focusing on how selected scriptures apply to our lives today. We keep in touch with all class members through small care groups and welcome any who would like to join in our fellowship.
Department/Class: Men
Leadership: Mel Cooper
Location: B417

Adult 03  |  Richard Wingard, Director

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Sellers/Walker
Location: B401
Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Bowdoin/Sport/Harrison (Encouragers)
Location: A406
Department/Class: Men
Leadership: Truitt
Location: A409
Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Lyon/Morris/Owen/Phillips (Martha Chandler)
Location: A402
Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Parma/Paulk (Merry Hearts)
Location: A411
Description: This ladies' class, organized in 2004 with eight volunteers from a much larger class, now numbers eighteen members in their 60s and 70s — married, widowed, and divorced. The Sunday morning Bible study consists of conversational lectures and spontaneous class discussions using the "Explore the Bible" lesson series. Gatherings are held bi-monthly for various types of fellowships and class business.

Adult 04

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Bailey/Randall
Location: A410

Adult 05

Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Lambert/Thornell/Denton/Martin/Quimby (Steppingstone)
Location: A408
Description: If you are looking for sweet Christian fellowship, in-depth Bible teaching, and the prayer support of committed prayer partners, you will find your home with the SteppingStone Class on Sunday morning at First Baptist Church. The SteppingStone class goes back many, many years, even before it had a name, and it has a rich history at FBC. Some of our members have been in the class since its inception. However, we are always welcoming new members to add to our growing number, and newcomers will feel right at home. Members of our class participate in class meetings and social events that sometimes include our guests. We are always involving ourselves in service projects, like providing refreshments for the associational English Language classes; lunch for AUM students; monthly lunches for the Nehemiah Moms; gift boxes for Operation Christmas Child; and socks for the Caring Center. Recently, our class raised over $5,000 for a fresh water well-drilling project in Guatemala, in which some of our class members themselves helped to put in the well. If you are searching for a Bible Fellowship class, we want to identify who you are, and gladly welcome you to come and join us!
Department/Class: Ladies
Leadership: Bailey/Williams
Location: A412

Adult 06

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Lancaster/Bunn
Location: 416
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Watkins/May
Location: 414


Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Ashley/Mullins/Byrne/Hendrix
Location: Fellowship Hall C
Description: Join us as we study the Bible and fellowship with one another. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey being in relationships with others is important for your spiritual growth. From gathering with others to develop relationships while studying together on Sunday, or relational gatherings outside the church, we provide a non-threatening atmosphere to grow in your journey. We look forward to meeting you.
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Brock/Bledsoe/Kelley/Lindsey
Location: A401
Description: The focus of the Brock Bible Fellowship Class is on studying God's Word, supporting one another through prayer, building relationships through fellowship socials, and providing opportunities to participate in outreach ministries. They use the "Explore the Bible" adult curriculum, which is a systematic study of scripture designed to move through all 66 books of the Bible in  and eight year cycle. Each quarter, it alternates between the Old and New Testaments.
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership:  Reagan/Pace/Burdeshaw/McKinney
Location: Church Parlor
Description: Class of adults predominantly from the 55 to 70 age group committed to studying God's word together. Our focus is on applying God's teachings to our lives as we grow God's kingdom and experience spiritual growth in our personal lives and relationships. If you enjoy good Bible study and being with a caring group of Christian friends who love the Lord and each other, we have a place for you (whatever your age). This class uses the "Explore the Bible" adult curriculum, which is a systematic study of scripture designed to move through all 66 books of the Bible in an eight year cycle. Come join us!

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership:  Fleming/Wood
Location: 500