Kids Kamp


In today’s times, there are many heroes, stars, and leaders that ask us to follow them. We are exposed to people every day that are asking us to follow their leadership. These people range from teachers, pop stars, football teams, dance coaches, Olympic stars and many more in-between. 
However, Jesus is documented in the Bible for saying “Follow Me” 23 times! This phrase was spoken by Jesus more than any other. When Jesus spoke these words, lives were changed! People dropped their nets, ran from former lives, and lived differently just at the command “Follow Me”. 
So what does it mean to follow Jesus? How does this look when so many people are asking us to follow them? This year at camp, your child will learn about what it means to #followme. Our Kamp speaker is Will Spivey, our very own Assistant Pastor, and Jason Givens is back again to lead us in music! We hope you can join us for this incredible week! 

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$250 before June 7; $275 due by July 3.
The total fee and all registration materials are due by July 3.


In following with tradition, the Kids Kamp will be held at Camp Lee in Anniston, Alabama. We encourage parents and grandparents to bring all mail and care packages to the church and place in a labeled box for each day. We will pass out the mail and care packages each day. This is a tremendous help time wise and it also helps you save some pennies.


Activities abound during camp including team sports, canoeing, swimming, the famous rock slide, and an awesome new zip line into the lake. (To participae in the zip line you must weigh 50 pounds.) These fun recreational activities add to a week that’s well worth the investment for every child that takes on this exciting opportunity.

Parent Meeting

Sunday, June 25 at 5:00 PM in room 347

Packing List

Please Bring the Following Items:
Bible  •  Journal & Pen  •  Sheets or sleeping bag  •  Towel (Bath & Pool)  •  Pillow  •  Toiletries (Toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)  •  Bathing Suit  •  Changes of Clothes  •  Pajamas  •  Flashlight  •  Watch  •  Money for Snacks  •  Tennis Shoes for Recreation  •  Sunscreen  •  Bug spray  •  Poncho  •  Plastic Bags to bring wet items home  •  Water Bottle  •  Ugly Christmas Sweater/Sweatshirt  •  $10 for Zipline
Do Not Bring the Following Items:
Radios  •  iPods  •  iPads  •  Cell Phones  •  Gun or any type of weapon  •  Fireworks  •  Handheld Game System  • Shaving Cream

Dress Code

We ask that your children not pack anything that:
  • Advertises alcohol or tobacco products
  • Has spaghetti straps (except for sleepwear)
  • Is excessively short or tight fitting
  • Wear bathing suits that are revealing; one piece suits for the girls or two piece suits with a colored t-shirt must be worn.


Scholarships are available. Please contact the Children's Ministry for an application. All scholarship applications are due by Sunday, June 4.

This camp is for those who have completed the fourth through sixth grade.

Contacts for the Children's Ministry

Glen Leathers
Minister to Children
Tiffany Alewine
Ministry Assistant