Children's Bible Fellowship Classes

Join us as "We Walk With Jesus" in Bible Fellowship classes. Each Sunday children are taught Bible verses and key stories of the Bible. Our teachers are dedicated to help you children learn to apply the scripture they have learned to share and develop their faith.

First Grade 1A  |  A206

Director: Pam Morgan
Teachers: Kathy Shirley, Burns & Jo Whittaker

First Grade 1B  |  A207

Director: Ann Ashley
Teachers: Jason & Deborah Brown, Beth Glassford

Director: Shan Stallings
Teachers: Rebekah Pittman, Rush Stallings

Second Grade 2A  |  A204

Director: Don Collins
Teachers: Diane McCrary

Second Grade 2B  |  A203

Director: Lisa Leathers
Teachers: Beau & Brittany Daniel

Second Grade 2C  |  A202

Director: Michelle Kitchens
Teachers: Jessica Hussey

Third Grade 3A  |  A201

Director: Sheryl Treadwell
Teachers: Angie Stewart, Terry Treadwell, Erin White

Third Grade 3B  |  A210

Directors: Justin & Alexis Aday
Teachers: Matthew & Kelli Morgan

Third Grade 3C  |  A306

Director: O'Neal & Paula Green
Teachers: Kendall & Debbie Shehane

Fourth Grade 4A  |  A308

Director: Connie Foti
Teachers: Lamar Foti, Charles Harwell

Fourth Grade 4B  |  A309

Director: Edith Singleton
Teachers: Betsey Johns, Tony Singleton, Mike Winstead

Fifth Grade 5A  |  A301

Director: Steve Roberts
Teachers: Brad & Kimberly Flowers, Kevin & Melanie Pace

Fifth Grade 5B  |  A302

Director: Christy Kreitz
Teachers: Darren Kreitz, Brent & Dana Parkman

Sixth Grade 6  |  A311

Director: Doris Collins
Teachers: Frank & Jennifer Parsons, Frank & Stacy Stakely